Water Sort Puzzle APK (Latest Version) Free Download

Free download the latest version of Water Sort Puzzle APK in this game you will have to sort the colors on a jar by tapping the pot and then clicking on the next jar where you want to seep the colored water deep.
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Water Sort Puzzle APK game is fantastic super gameplay, that is going to be famous nowadays. Million people around the world are smartly playing this game on their Android phones. In this gameplay, you will have to sort the colors on a jar by tapping the pot and then clicking on the next jar where you want to seep the colored water deep, This is such a fantastic and addictive game I ever experienced unless you feel the jars with the same color in one bottle the game will never end. 

Water Sort Puzzle APK

What is Water Sort Puzzle APK?

The Water Sort Puzzle APK is very easy and understandable for everyone once you start the game you will be able to use every feature and characteristic very smoothly. At the start of the game, you will be assigned some different glasses filled with different colors, One glass in this gameplay has been filled with the different four types of colors, & two blank glasses will be given for you to easily extract the color from other glasses.

Your mission or ultimate goal here is to fill the glass of color with the same color in other glass, Colors cannot be exchanged with different colors of bottles. There is always 5 step-back option available at the time when you will be confused and can’t play the game anymore.

You can back to the 5 steps and can restart the gameplay. Once you will complete the level perfectly you will be able to access the next level of gameplay and can enjoy the different levels of this gameplay. once more similar puzzle game Supertype Mod APK is available on our website which is APKFirm.net to enjoy more with your colleagues and family in your free time this game is very easy to play for everyone.

Features of Water Sort Puzzle APK:

Water Sort Puzzle APK has many features available in this gameplay, Some key features are mentioned below for your reference.

Easy to Play:

Water Sort Puzzle APK is very easy to understand and play on your Android devices. The interface of this gameplay is very easy and user-friendly.

Free to download:

Water Sort Puzzle APK You can easily download the game without paying any cost at any time on our site.

No registration:

There is no need for any lengthy registration required for access and play on your Android device. Users can easily download and play the gameplay. No registration charges are applicable to access any of its features or options.

No Ads:

3rd party advertisements will never disturb you at the time of playing the game and downloading games.

Colorful Glass & HD Quality:

The interface is comprised of colorful glass, which attracts the user’s interest in the gameplay it has had color quality game.

Background Sound: 

The sound played while playing the game is very relaxing and calming, you will love the sound while pouring the glass with colors.

How to download the gameplay:

  • Do visit APKfirm.net
  • Find the search box & write the name of gameplay on the mentioned search box
  • The game will be displayed or visible on the screen of your device
  • Click on the gameplay and confirm the download process
  • The gameplay will be directly downloaded to your phone
  • Install the game & enjoy the gameplay


Water Sort Puzzle APK is excellent gameplay that is available freely for download and plays the game. The gameplay is very easy to play and understand having a user-friendly interface with a variety of features & options. If you want to play the game then you can easily download the game from our website.

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