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Supertype Mod APK is a word puzzle video game. You can easily download this game on your cell phone. It is one of the latest versions of puzzle games. This is a very unique game, you have to win it or resolve its puzzle with your powerful imagination.
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Supertype Mod APK is a Word puzzle that is very popular among all generations. People enjoy these games very much. Before cell phones, magazines and newspapers were the main sources for playing this game. Nowadays you can play puzzle games on your cell phone.

Supertype is a word puzzle video game. You can easily download this game on your cell phone. It is one of the best puzzle games. This is a very unique kind of game, you have to win it or resolve its puzzle with your powerful imagination.


How to play Supertype Mod APK?

This game is challenging. It is not about how fast you can solve the puzzle. It requires more strategies and creativity. When you start playing the game, you should stand on the right platform and eliminate the elements like black spots by dropping the right alphabet.

And make sure the letters are in the right direction. If the word is right then it will help you to break the layers and progress to the next level. On another level, you have to break a word or move the letters from a word. Once more we are advised to visit for more same variant games available on our website APKFirm.Net


The graphics of this game are very conceptual. The game looks attractive with such intellectual graphics and music.  

How to Download Supertype?

  • You can easily download supertype Mod from APKfirm.Org.
  • Go to the above-mentioned website.
  • Different applications will appear.
  • Click on the supertype Mod logo.
  • Follow the instructions which will appear.


It has an institutional interface. You can easily learn to play this game supertype without any trouble. Very easy to use and attractive. Everyone can easily understand and navigate efficiently.

key Features of Supertype Mod APK:

  • The controls of this game are very easy to use.
  • Especially for smartphone users, they can play with their fingers.
  • It allows people to create harder puzzles to solve. Which can improve your puzzle-solving.
  • In this game, words can be connected by vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.
  • It has a word shuffling game option. It is a great option for beginners. They can easily learn from this option to play.


You can play this game with your friends. You will enjoy solving the puzzles. It is a great source of entertainment. It can be played by all age groups. It’s a fun game, complicated and challenging puzzles can be solved in no time.

Especially for kids, this game is very knowledgeable for them and it can increase their ability to solve puzzles. Children can learn and search for new words.

The game has different modes. You can experience the different modes by playing this game.

You can connect with all around the world through the game. You can play this game online with friends and people from different countries. It can increase your social circle.


  • It is a highly addictive game. You cannot play this game for more than 1 or 2 hours.
  • It can be difficult to understand in the beginning.
  • Playing too much can cause sleeping trouble.
  • Too much playing has a bad effect on eyesight.


Supertype Mod is a crossword and word puzzle game. You can easily download it from APKfirms. It offers you hours of great entertainment. You can play this online and offline. You can customize levels which makes it more difficult to solve. This can improve your problem-solving technique.

It offers different master modes, words, and cookies modes. So, you can never get bored. The game is very easy to play. You should download the supertype Mod and get entertained. This game can train your brain to solve puzzles quickly. It improves your brain skills. The good thing about this game is, that all age groups of people can play.

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