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Free Download the latest version of MT Manager Pro APK this tool assists with managing files, smartphone archive storage, text editing, APKs, scripts, and a variety of other tasks.
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Are you continually looking for ways to modify your device storage, adjust system settings, and improve the performance of your Android smartphone? One modified version that can help you for this purpose and has earned substantial popularity in this market is the MT Manager Pro APK. It is a multi-purpose application that can be used as a file manager, APK editor, and much more. MT Manager Pro APK gives Android users extraordinary control over their devices and improves the efficiency of their Android smartphones.

MT Manager Pro APK
MT Manager Pro

What is MT Manager Pro APK?

MT Manager Pro APK is an Android-modified application. It’s a multipurpose modified version that allows users to manage their Android devices in a variety of ways. Lin Jin Bin created this application to enhance the performance of Android smartphones. It has become famous among Android users because of its multiple advanced features, functionalities, and user-friendly layout. In this article, you will get to explore this APK’s advanced features, how to download and use it, and other frequently asked questions related to it.

Features of MT Manager Pro APK:

The features offered by this APK are as follows:

File Manager:

This APK is a smart file manager. You can easily access your device’s file system, copy, move, delete, and rearrange files and folders.


These APK editing capabilities are one of its key features. This is especially important for deleting advertisements, and even changing the design of specific applications.

Script Editor:

This APK includes a script editor with syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages for expert users and developers. This is useful for easily generating and modifying scripts on your Android smartphone.

Text Editor:

Do you need to modify a text file while you’re traveling? The built-in text editor in this APK helps you do that by allowing you to make rapid changes to settings files or notes without needing other applications.

Root Explorer:

If your device is rooted, this APK has a root explorer mode that allows you to access system folders and normally restricted files. This is important for performing complex system modifications and adjustments.

Built-in FTP Server:

Are you looking for a built-in FTP server that can transfer files between your Android smartphone and a PC without using wires? Then this APK is the best choice for you.

Archive Manager:

You can also extract files from compressed archives such as ZIP, RAR, and 7z, making it simple to retrieve files stored in packed folders.

Task Manager:

Use the integrated task manager to keep track of running applications and system resources.

Other advanced features of this APK are:

  • Application Manager
  • Themes and Customizations
  • Advertisements Free Experience
  • Cost Free

How to Download?

The steps to download this MT Manager Pro APK are:

  1. Firstly, allow downloading from unknown sources in your mobile setting.
  2. Then download the APK from
  3. After downloading, install and launch the APK.

Final Highlights:

The MT Manager Pro APK is highly helpful for Android users who wish to increase their device’s activity and performance.  For Android users who seek more control over their devices, it is a versatile and strong tool. This APK assists with managing files, smartphone archive storage, text editing, APKs, scripts, and a variety of other tasks.


Can MT Manager Pro APK download on iOS devices?

No, this APK is only accessible to Android users and cannot operate on iOS devices.

Can I edit any script from MT Manager Pro APK?

Yes, you can edit any script with the help of MT Manager Pro APK.

Is MT Manager Pro APK available for free download?

Yes, you can download and use MT Manager Pro APK for free.

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