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Free Download SmartTubeNext APK offers an organized homepage, enabling users to locate their desired content with fewer efforts.
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We all are aware that YouTube is one of the most well-known search engines globally. It is used to watch videos online. A similar app is developed as an alternative to YouTube called STN Beta APK.

The YouTube app is the official application used for streaming videos. It is one of the beloved platforms amongst people. Whenever people search they either opt for Google or YouTube making them the largest search engines worldwide. In addition, it hosts an extensive collection of videos including music videos, movies TV shows, news, and much more with new content that is added daily. However, nothing is perfect i.e. YouTube shows ads that annoy people by distracting them. So, remove any kind of limitation developers create third-party apps. One such app is STN Beta APK.

STN Beta

What is STN Beta APK?

STN is an unofficial online video-watching application that is very similar to YouTube. The features that it has make it the better version of YouTube. Like YouTube, it’s free of cost and you do not need to create another account for it you can use the account you had for the official YouTube app. However, unlike YouTube, it is free of ads. Ads can be very frustrating sometimes when you watch something that distracts you. For an ad-free experience on YouTube, you need to subscribe for a premium subscription but in STN Beta APK it’s free as the app does not show any ads.

Key features of STN Beta APK:


The app has a user-friendly interface that enables users to navigate easily through the application and watch the videos they are searching for.

Well, categorization:

SmartTubeNext APK offers an organized homepage, enabling users to locate their desired content with fewer efforts. In contrast to the original YouTube app, which presents random placement of videos on its homepage, this app categorizes content into different sections including

  • Recommendations
  • breaking news
  • cartoon
  • gaming
  • TV shows
  • Comedy
  • nature
  • recent uploads


It is not a very fun experience when YouTube shows ads while you watch something. you can skip some of the ads but for others to skip you need to wait for some time. This experience annoys the users so they opt for an option to avoid ads by getting premium subscriptions. In STN Beta APK there are no ads shown so provides the best experience.


Not everyone can understand English. To make this app understandable to everyone the developers have added the multilingual feature. This feature supports many languages other than English. The users can select any language they prefer.

HD quality:

The videos in this app are of high-definition quality with high resolution and graphics. It provides a visually pleasing experience to its users.


If you are interested in a channel and want to watch every previous and upcoming video of that channel then you can subscribe to that channel and can watch every video it has.


This app sends notifications whenever there is an update for the app or when the channels you have subscribed, to upload new videos. This feature keeps the app updated.


The STN Beta APK is an almost identical app to YouTube. It is an open-source and free APK used to watch videos online. You can download this APK from the downloading link given on the APKfirm.Org. You have to allow “unknown sources” from the security settings of your phone. Install the app now and enjoy watching unlimited videos. Also, share with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is this app official?

No. This is the unofficial app used as an alternative to the official app YouTube.

Why should I download this app when I already have YouTube?

This is the updated and better version of the YouTube app. It’s ad-free which makes it more desirable.

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