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Fakecez Premium Free APK latest version v76.98 for Android users includes free skins, infinite resources, more chances of winning, no game investments and players do not need any masterly skills to win the game. 
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Margaret Thatcher said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” Who can relate to this quote more than an MLBB player? MLBB is an online battle game that is popular all across the world. However, the game sometimes can be problematic for a newbie, the developers introduced new tools to modify the game and make it felicitous for its users. 

Fakecez Premium Free APK is a such tool and it is without no doubt the best mod version of MLBB for so many reasons, which includes free skins, infinite resources, more chances of winning, no game investments and players do not need any masterly skills to win the game. 

Fakecez Premium APK
Fakecez Premium

What is Fakecez Premium Free APK?

Fakecez Premium Free APK is the newest and improved mod for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It has excellent features when compared with the official game and the features are easily accessible through the floating icon. The menu includes ESP, high and frame rates, etc making this mod more considerable and sustainable. another similar variant of the game Fakecez Modz is also available you can visit and try to play the latest versions of the famous games and you can enjoy these upgraded modz.

key features of the Fakecez Premium:

Mobile Legends Bang Bang itself is one of the best battle games but a modified mod has added more features to it. Here are the features of the Fakecez Premium:

Unlocked skins:

With other game apps players install different ML skin tools so that they can customize their favorite characters on the battlefield. Fakecez Premium already has skins of all the major and famous characters. Players do not need any additional tools, all they need is to just install the app and enjoy the skins with it. 

Player’s skills:

It is said that “there’s a first time for everything” and I believe there’s a first time for everyone as well. MLBB requires polished and excellent skills in players to win the higher level game which is a difficult task to achieve for the newbie. This app is the best for those who do not have excellent skills but want to improve. The tool has features i.e. Player Line, Distance, 360 Alert, etc that help a noob to be a pro in the game. 

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception):

When you are playing a battle game then you should be aware of the things around you. This tool enables its players to detect where their opponents are and what other things are there on the field. ESP is the potential of the players to detect close by things and opponents on the battlefield. This menu provides:

  • ESP Player line
  • ESP Box
  • Player Distance
  • Player 360 Alert

Frame rate:

in the case of MLBB, the frame rate is small i.e. 60 FPS but this tool offers much more:

  • 60 FPS
  • 90 FPS
  • 120 FPS

Size of the tool:

the original app i.e. MLBB is much larger as compared to this tool. This file is only about 125 MB in size. 

Other features:

other features include drone view with multiple ranges and ESP settings (Line and Box Size, Box Top Position, Box Right Position, and Distance Text Size), etc. 

Fakecez Premium APK
Fakecez Premium

How to download and install the app?

To install and use this apk you have to follow a series of steps which are described below:

Download the Fakecez Premium APK:

To download the app click on the downloading link given in the post and get the apk. This process will take some time. 

Allow the installation:

Once the download is completed go to the settings of your device and allow installation from an unknown source. 

Install the game:

From the downloaded files click on it and wait for the installation to complete. 

Get the key:

Now open the app, it will ask for a login key. To get the key you have to generate a password.  


Once the password is generated, login to the app and enjoy the tool.

Final Words:

No one wants to pay charges to play games nowadays so, game developers are giving alternative options by introducing tools like fakecez Premium. This tool keeps the original game, the same but adds features that make the game satisfactory for fans, especially noobs.  

We hope you will love this apk. 

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