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Free Download Dig Dug Girl APK player can throw rocks at your enemies to kill them and when you throw two rocks a vegetable will appear on the map.
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The name of the game Dig Dug Girl suggests that the game is about a girl who is digging something. What could that be? A monster, yes a monster; living in the earth’s crust and making the life of the people who live there, miserable. So, the Dig Dug Girl digs the earth, kills the monsters, and gets the points. As a player you are the hero of the game who is playing the character of the Dig Dug Girl so, download the Dig Dug Girl APK now and kill the underground monsters.

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What is Dig Dug Girl APK?

Dig Dug Girl APK is an amazing and fun arcade gaming APK where the hero kills the monsters in the earth’s crust and gains points. The deeper you go and the more monsters you kill, the more points you gain. You can play this game solo or as a team with other players. All you need to dig the earth and kill the monster is an air pump, your wits, and earth rocks to kill the enemies.

There are two types of enemies in the gameplay i.e. Pookas and Fygars. Pookas kill the players by touching them while Fygars can kill the players in two ways, either by touching them or by shooting fireballs from their mouth. If you are playing this game you need to avoid any and every contact with the enemies. Using pumps you can kill both of these monsters.

You can throw rocks at your enemies to kill them and when you throw two rocks a vegetable will appear on the map. To get the points you need to collect this vegetable. The game is exciting yet challenging and you will need shooting skills, game strategy, and lots of experience to be a pro player of the game. You can avail of more similar games including IRGI Terbaik Stumble Guys APK.

Key features of Dig Dug Girl APK:

This amazing arcade game comes with the following features that make it even more interesting

3D game:

This 3D game has amazing and interesting animation which attracts the players. The animations and visuals are designed very expertly. 


For the players who love challenging games, this game is perfect as competing in all the levels of this game can be very challenging.


You can customize your character’s appearance using a variety of hairstyles, looks, and costumes to suit your character as you like.

High resolution:

The game has high-resolution graphics that make the gameplay attractive and captivating.  


You can customize the sounds of the game. Add the sounds that you like to the game.

User-friendly and easy to use:

The interface of the game is very easy. You can easily navigate the game and learn the gameplay.


As you kill the enemies you get the points which keep the players engaging in the game. when you kill the monsters you get vegetables on the map and by collecting these vegetables you gain gem points.


Dig Dug Girl APK is a new animated arcade game. It is perfect for people who love cartoons and animated games. You will kill the monsters and will get the points. To download this application, click on the link given on the site. Then go to the security settings of your device and enable “unknown sources” to allow the installation.

Once installed open the application and enjoy digging the earth and killing monsters.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is an internet connection necessary to play Dig Dug Girl APK?

No, you can also play this game offline.

How can I download the Dig Dug Girl APK?

You can download the APK from the downloading link given on the site.